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Matt Affleck

For years, Matt Affleck has been a force to be reckoned with in the online poker space. He has been crushing the game ever since his historical 2009 SCOOP chop for $470,000, a $3,000 tournament which he satellited into during his college years. Nowadays, you can find him playing live tournaments and cash games in America while hosting live webinars where he provides hand analysis and top-level poker strategy content to our readers.

Play Like Someone’s Watching

While recording content recently for PokerCoaching.com, I started the practice of recording my sessions online while playing. I do this in hopes of catching a final table run live on camera, or to review my play later as WSOP.com does not allow the use of tracking software. I was debating whether I should do commentary …

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Middle Stages of Tournaments

The middle stages of the tournament is where there begins to be a separation of stacks between players. The blinds have grown bigger, the pots are larger, and players should have solid reads on their opponents. All these factors lead to big swings in chip stacks in the middle stages of the tournament. This article …

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Personal Finances in Poker

For people that deal with money, poker players may have the worst personal finances of any profession. I too have been included in this category for many years, but have recently made changes in hoping to improve my personal finance routine in poker. Today, I am going to discuss a few things that will hopefully …

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Shot Clocks in Tournaments

Recently I played in the World Poker Tour Lucky Hearts Poker Open at the Seminole Hard Rock in South Florida. In this event, a shot clock is added to the tournament one table before reaching the money. In today’s article, I want to discuss the merits of the shot clock, ways to improve the system, …

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How To Play Multi-Way Pots At The Poker Table

Knowing how to navigate multi-way pots is an extremely important tool of any tournament player. Especially at lower stakes, multi-way pots are quite normal as players have expanded calling ranges. These spots however often go unstudied due to the complexity of the math behind these situations. Current GTO solvers focus on heads-up situations and can …

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Open Limping From The Button

When I recently asked for topics to write about on Twitter, the topic of button limping was brought up. Button limping is something that is becoming more common from strong players. It is a strategy that is often frowned upon by many because it portrays weakness, but in the right spots, open limping can increase …

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Uncommon Check-Raise Bluff Hands

In todays articles, I want to discuss unintuitive situations for check-raise bluffs when defending from the big blind. It is no myth that players under check-raise, which stems from the inability to identify these unintuitive 3-bet bluffing hands. Today we will discuss some of these hands and properties they possess. Incorporating these hands into your …

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What To Do When You Are Card Dead

A question I often get asked by recreational players is how do we build a stack when card dead. This is always one of the weirdest questions for me to answer because I feel that person already knows the answer to this question. The real question should be, “How do we not lose more chips when we are card dead”.

Poker Tells Poker Coaching

Most Reliable Poker Tells

Live tells are an interesting topic that is often ignored or misapplied when playing live poker. Some put way too much emphasis on them, while others don’t pay enough attention and miss out on valuable information. For me, live tells are a way to help in a close spot where two different options are both …

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