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Legacy Tournament

Chipping Up Without Risking Going Broke

In this live seminar, Jonathan Little discusses stealing pots that don’t belong to you, starting hands, positions, 3-betting, flop, turn and river play. 1+ Hour Taught by: Jonathan Little Type: Tournaments

My Biggest Online Win

This 5-part video series goes through the entire hand history of my biggest online win. I focus in and thoroughly analyze every major hand and also discuss any situations or topics I may have missed.

WSOP Coaching Videos

Jonathan Little teaches you how to play deep stacked, short stacked, and general tips for success at the WSOP. Includes 10 hours of training videos.

WSOP Preparation Sessions

In November 2018, Blaz turned $5 into $1,364,688 online. In this 13-hour course, Jonathan Little coaches Blaz to prepare for his first WSOP.

Building A Big Stack Deep In A Tournament

In this live seminar taught at the 2017 WSOP, Jonathan Little discusses his strategies for building a big stack and how to abuse the bubble. 38 Minutes Taught by: Jonathan Little Type: Tournaments

Heads Up Secrets

Jonathan Little reviews 12 heads-up matches featuring Justin Bonomo, Randy Lew, Olivier Busquet, Darren Elias, Bryn Kenney, Jonathan Jaffe, Sorel Mizzi and Timothy Adams.

Advanced WSOP Hand Breakdown

Phil Hellmuth breaks down some of the BIGGEST hands he played on his way to winning a record 14 WSOP Bracelets.

WSOP 2019 Main Event Final Table Review

In this course, Jonathan Little reviews 50 hands from the 2019 WSOP Main Event Final Table to help you improve your tournament play. 3 Hours Taught by: Jonathan Little 50 Hands Reviewed Type: Tournaments

25K Platinum Pass Coaching Session

In this 6-hour course, Jonathan Little coaches his student, Nikhil Segel, through 15 hand histories in preparation to play a $25,000 buy-in tournament. 6+ Hours Taught by: Jonathan Little Type: Tournaments

Neutralize Their Position

Alex Fitzgerald teaches you why position is so important, why you need to flat more, checkraising theory, and donk leading theory.

Master High Roller Final Tables

In this series, Jonathan Little reviews 3 $2000 buy-in online high roller final tables that feature world class poker players.

How to Think About Hand Ranges

In this webinar, Jonathan Little teaches you how to think about hand ranges. He also reviews 25 hands to illustrate these concepts.

Hold’em with Holloway

Chad Holloway teaches you 10 lessons he has learned straight from the pros from 6 years of in-the-trenches reporting for PokerNews. 4 Hours Taught by: Chad Holloway Type: Tournaments

WSOP 2013 Main Event Review

In this 4-hour webinar, Jonathan Little reviews his 2013 WSOP Main Event and his $5,000 6-handed tournament he came 3rd in and won $238,833.

WSOP 2013 Main Event Final Table Review

Jonathan Little reviews 29 hands from the 2013 WSOP Main Event Final Table and discusses how to adjust in order to maximize your equity at the final table.

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