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Alex Fitzgerald

In addition to battling on the felt for over 13 years, having final tabled multiple prestigious events such as EPTs, WCOOPs, and FTOPs, Alexander "Assassinato" Fitzgerald has found massive success in teaching the game of poker to thousands of students. The American pro has become a prolific poker content producer, writing two best-selling books and sharing his views on effective exploitative plays and math-based techniques in numerous articles, videos, and webinars you can find on PokerCoaching.com

How To Beat Online Micro Stakes Poker Tournaments: Turn Strategy

Making final tables in online poker tournaments at the micro stakes starts with recognizing what mistakes players make and capitalizing on them. If you have made it this far in my How To Beat Online Micro Stakes Poker Tournaments series, you have studied preflop and flop micro stakes poker tournament strategy, but now it is …

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How To Beat Online Micro Stakes Poker Tournaments: Preflop Strategy

Poker players reading this article are likely quite familiar with micro stakes tournaments and probably play them quite often online. Micro stakes are a great way for aspiring players to gain experience and potentially earn some great return on investment with the large fields yet low risk.  While there is a ton of upside to …

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Training For Online Poker Tournaments With Alex Fitzgerald

Players with wide ranges can be hard to extract value from especially when they are playing from the big blind. Big blind players can have just about anything, and in online poker tournaments, this is even more apparent. Take this hand scenario and consider how you would play each spot, the separation is in the …

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Remembering Versus Knowing

“But this teacher says I should do this play in that situation.” “Why did he say that?” I ask. (Crickets) The above exchange is worrying to me. When I am talking to aspiring poker players, I am struck with an impression: They want firm answers. They want a poker trainer who they can trust 100%. …

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They Want To Feel Good

“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.” – Henry Ford Most poker players do not want to make money at the poker table, they want to feel better …

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How To Play Pocket Jacks

One of the best study strategies you can utilize when working on your poker play is finding a specific area of your game to improve. Looking to improve your small blind play? Track down a book that dives extensively into small blind strategy. Need to get better at the math of the game? Utilize a …

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How to Play Poker Tired

In boxing, fighters have an adage. “You have to learn to fight tired. It’s a different skill.” Many of us have played a sport which has completely run us down. In the final moments of the game, when we are completely spent, we still know how to move and position ourselves. A subconscious will takes …

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Who Is Folding Pairs?

If you can find a guy who is folding pairs, you can collect tens of big blinds without a hand. If you can find a guy who isn’t folding pairs, you can collect much, much more. Utilizing The Threebet Most threebet bluffing strategies these days work to isolate a person who flats threebets too much. …

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When To Play Multiway Pots

“Multiway pots are death.” I have said this phrase no less than 10,000 times to my students. The reason I say it so often is because in their low-to-mid stakes games, there are loose openers who are begging to be threebet. They flat large reraises out of position with weak hands and have no idea …

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You’re Never Safe

“So many of us chose our path out of fear disguised as practicality,” Jim Carrey once said. “My father could have been a great comedian, but he didn’t believe that was possible for him. So, he made a conservative choice and instead he got a job as an accountant.” “When I was 12 years old, …

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Your Continuation Bets Suck

Okay, I’ll admit something: It’s possible your continuation bets do not suck. But this is the internet. I’m fighting against videos of puppies playing in a sprinkler. I have no choice but to name my articles with titles like that, otherwise you’ll never click. And the truth is, many of us do struggle to continuation …

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Poker Timing Tells | Pokercoaching.com

Poker Timing Tells

You raise from the button in a tournament with J-10o. The big blind calls after a couple of seconds. You are both 60 big blinds deep. The board comes 8h-4h-3s. He checks to you. You bet half-pot, about three big blinds. He calls. The turn is the 9 of clubs. He checks to you. What …

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