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Evan Jarvis

Poker coach and author Evan “Gripsed” Jarvis has made a name for himself in the poker live streaming space. Actively grinding for over 10 years, Jarvis has played everything from micro-stakes to high-stakes, both live and online. The Canadian pro is committed to sharing his poker learning with everyday players and teaching them to play like the pros through exclusive articles you can find on PokerCoaching.com.

Learning Poker with Evan Jarvis: Playing Deep-Stacked in a Cash Game

Cash games offer great opportunities to practice playing deep stacked poker. When you have the big stack advantage in a cash game, you can leverage your position and gain an edge over opponents, especially when they lack experience. Having the ability to induce mistakes at the poker table will help you make money long term. …

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How To Run Up Your Bankroll

This is your beginner’s guide to running up your initial investment, so you don’t have to re-deposit. If you want to get serious with your game, then you’re going to need a big bankroll, lots of patience, and consistency to climb the ladder. If you never want to re-deposit as you learn to be a great …

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So You Wanna Be A Pro?

Being a poker pro can be very exciting and very fulfilling; if you go about it the right way. When you go pro, it’s no longer a game; it’s your job, so you have to be willing to work long hours and study the same way you would if you were in college. Going pro …

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How to Read Tells Pre-Flop

While having a knack for reading tells is not the only pre-flop strategy you should know, it can be combined with an overall solid starting hand game to help you make the most profitable calls possible. A tell is simply a physical indication another player gives that signals their intention. Not all players have the …

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What’s Your Stack Size?

Here’s a pre-flop strategy that’s often overlooked by newbs and even some more advanced players: stack size and its influence over how you should play your hand. In fact, your stack size is one of the most important factors in determining if your starting hand can be played profitably—even more important than starting hand selection. …

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Playing In Tough Poker Games

A concept that many players struggle with is how to play against a tough table or a loose-aggressive player that knows what they’re doing. You learn a lot, gain experience and pad your bankroll when you’re seated at a tough table. It can help expose shortcomings in your game, maximize your long run earning potential …

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Know When To Cash Out

It’s the dream dilemma for every poker player. You’ve built up your bankroll and now it’s time to convert some of those numbers on the screen into crisp dollar bills. But how do you know how much to take out so that you can meet your needs, but still have some green in reserve to …

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The Triple Threat Of Poker

Poker is the ultimate game of strategy and skill, but like anything, even if you’re at the top of your game there is always room for improvement. Whether you’re a poker newb or you’ve done your fair share of time at sit-and-go tournaments, if you’re looking to elevate your wins and shrink your loses, then …

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When To Move Up In Poker

A common poker problem faced by many new players is knowing when to play bigger limits. The biggest obstacle to moving up is your ego, saying “you deserve it” and “that you’re better than the rest.” To silence your ego real quick, remember that winning a tournament doesn’t prove you’re the best, not when so …

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How to Fix Your Red-Line

Having a strong red-line isn’t impossible; it just takes a solid understanding of the game to get your red-line moving in the right direction without affecting your win-rate. What Is The Red-Line? In essence, the red-line refers to non-showdown winnings. When you put money into the pot and fold, your red-line will fall, but if …

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How to Build a Bankroll

Get ready to take your game—and your bankroll —to the next level. Growing your bankroll is imperative to financing your climb from rank to pro player. Just avoid the biggest pitfall: racing for the top. Not only is that not sustainable (a mark of being pro), it’s dangerous and you’ll end up with donut holes …

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