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Crushing Tough Cash Games Series with Jonathan Jaffe

Jon Jaffe goes through in-depth cash game strategy, hand examples, and student hand history reviews in this cash game series that will help you beat online mid-stakes and crush live cash games. Season 1: Crushing Online Cash Games (12 episodes)Season 2: Crushing Live Cash Games (8 of 10 episodes)

WSOP Review Series with Faraz

 In this series, Faraz goes over a review of his WSOP Main Event and other events he ran deep in. He focuses on exploiting recreational players and how to run deep in large field tournaments!

Cash Game Series with Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson covers everything you need to know to improve your cash game strategy with a focus on online cash games, how to crush home games, and much more. 

ICM Concept Series with Matt Affleck

In this series, Matt Affleck presents ICM-adjusted preflop ranges and goes through advanced ICM concepts to use at final tables and on the bubble.

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