Daniel Negreanu Makes A Perfect Read

Daniel Negreanu Makes A Perfect Read

Kid Poker has never been one to kid around when it comes to reading his opponents at the poker table. For years, Daniel Negreanu has not only been regarded as one of the best players in the world, but has long been considered one of the all-time greats at live reads. Competing at this year’s PokerGO Cup, Negreanu was three-handed at a final table when fellow pro Sean Winter insisted on applying aggression. Bobbing and weaving like Rocky Balboa, Negreanu took Winter’s aggression in stride, but could he sniff out the bluff?

The Game: PokerGo Cup Event #6 – $25,000 Buy-In NLH Tournament
Stack Sizes: 40 Big Blinds Effective
Where: PokerGo Studios – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Daniel Negreanu Versus Sean Winter – Preflop Action

On the button three-handed, Negreanu looked down at Q♣J♣ before limping into the action. Following a fold from the small blind, Winter checked holding 10♠8.

At this point in the tournament, Negreanu had a slight chip lead over both remaining players. When playing a short-handed final table with a chip lead, you want to take advantage of the playable hands you receive by raising preflop. While Negreanu may have benefited by raising his strong hand, his limp could have also accounted for the aggressive nature of Winter. Q♣J♣ can flop extremely well, while limping may improve your chances of seeing the flop, Negreanu could have benefited from the value created by a preflop raise.

Daniel Negreanu Versus Sean Winter – Flop Action

The Pot: 140,000
The Board: A-Q♠-J
Effective Stack: 39 Big Blinds Effective

Drilling the flop for two pair, Negreanu bet the minimum 40,000 following a check from Winter. True to his reputation, Winter executed the check-raise pushing forward 175,000 worth of chips. Knowing he was likely ahead, Negreanu was more than willing to make the call.

When holding junky draws that aren’t good enough to call with, you want to implement check-raises. 10♠8 certainly qualifies as a junky straight draw, making Winter’s check-raise favorable. Holding two pair, it may have seemed like the right time for Negreanu to re-raise Winter, but that would have been a blunder. Facing an aggressive opponent capable of bluffing, Negreanu was better suited calling and allowing Winter to continue betting. Although Winter had K-10 in his range, he likely would have raised with it preflop, leaving little for Negreanu to worry about heading to the turn.

Jonathan Little sits down with six-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu in this one-on-one interview.

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Daniel Negreanu Versus Sean Winter – Turn Action

The Pot: 490,000
The Board: A-Q♠-J-7
Effective Stack: 35 Big Blinds Effective

Despite the turned 7 bringing Winter an additional out to make his straight, Negreanu was still well ahead with two pair. Following a check from Winter, Negreanu also checked essentially allowing his opponent a free card.

The 7 on the turn left Negreanu still sitting in good shape with two pair. With one more card to come, Negreanu had to consider what A-X hands Winter had in his range. Winter’s range certainly had some paired aces considering his flop check-raise, paired aces Negreanu could have bet to draw value from. Although Negreanu should have bet to get additional value, his decision to check properly disguised his hand strength and gave Winter another opportunity to bluff.

Daniel Negreanu Versus Sean Winter – River Action

The Pot: 490,000
The Board: A-Q♠-J-7-3
Effective Stack: 35 Big Blinds Effective

Drawing stone dead on the river, Winter’s only path to victory was through a bluff. Utilizing a time bank to ponder sizing, Winter would eventually lead out for 500,000, producing a snap-call from Negreanu exuding nothing but confidence.

Analyzing Winter’s bluff, some players may opt to give-up in similar spots with the hope of finding a better opportunity to make a move. The problem with this rationale is such a spot may never come! If you always opt to hold out for perfect spots and hands, you will only allow your opponents to run over you under the guise of patience. Although Winter lost a sizeable amount of chips, his aggressive approach allows him to take down small and medium pots in tournaments.

Conclusion: Daniel Negreanu Wins The Tournament And Leaves A Comment

Capitalizing on the sizable pot he won from Winter, Daniel Negreanu would use the momentum to win Event #6 of the 2022 PokerGO Cup. Congratulations to Daniel Negreanu for another tournament win adding to an already impressive list of accolades. A friend of the YouTube channel, Kid Poker would leave the following comment explaining his strategy:

Daniel Negreanu Wins The Tournament And Leaves A Comment

If you’re a fan of the six-time World Series Of Poker Champion, be sure to check out his YouTube channel here.

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